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OK Folks here’s the deal, on this post you’ll find a 100% real Income Hybrid Review, this website has only one purpose and that is to provide you with as much details about Income Hybrid so that you guys can make an informed decision without making an investment first.

Right now, I have contacted Paul and Sid Ponna and I’m waiting to get early access to this Revolutionary Software Suite… as soon as I receive access to the members area I’m going to post here my honest review so that you guys can see upfront and decide for yourself if this is the right tool to invest your precious time hard earned cash.

Until then, make sure you bookmark this page and check back for my unbiased review as well as a LIVE Demo of Income Hybrid.


Protecting Your Income Hybrid Review Sale

When it comes to selling your website, security is an important issue. You want to know that your buyer will successfully remit payment for your site, and your buyer also needs to feel protected by knowing that you’ll deliver the website immediately following the transaction. One of the easiest ways to eliminate risks and work towards a seamless transaction that satisfies both parties is to use the services of Escrow. Unlike Paypal, where you run the risk that your buyer will later dispute payment or claim unauthorized access to their account, Escrow guarantees that you get paid and that you stay paid.

Believe me, I learned the hard way.

Awhile back, I sold 3 different income hybrid review websites on Sitepoint (the marketplace before they changed over to Flippa). Within a few days I had a buyer for all 3 sites. Exciting! He was eager to send over payment and get his hands on his new virtual real estate. A bit too eager, perhaps. We agreed to transact through Paypal, and he immediately sent over payment. I delivered on my promise to push the domains over to him the same day, and zipped up the site files for a quick delivery.

Everything seemed to go smoothly.

In fact, it wasnft until two months later when the problem arose. Paypal contacted me indicating that the buyer had disputed not one, but ALL three sales, claiming unauthorized access to this account. In other words, he was claiming that someone hacked into his account and sent payment without his approval, or knowledge. In cases like this Paypal will refund the buyers account, or even if they work towards investigating it on your behalf, if the buyer paid with a credit card through his Paypal account, he can go directly to his credit card processor and create a chargeback which ultimately, will leave you scrambling to replenish your negative Paypal account balance as they deduct the funds from your account and return it to the income hybrid review buyer.

And thatfs what happened to me. Despite having solid proof that the buyer indeed knew of the transaction and was the one to actually remit payment, his credit card provider issued a chargeback and I was stuck footing the bill. Thousands of dollars in the hole, and no chance of ever getting my domains or websites back. So take this as lesson learned, and protect yourself against unscrupulous buyers. And believe me, even if youfve done your due diligence, it’s often very difficult to be absolutely sure that the person youfre doing business with is honest.

Enter income hybrid review Escrow.

When you run your transaction through Escrow, they work with both the buyer and seller, ensuring that both parties receive the goods, because when you initiate an Escrow, your buyer must remit payment directly to Escrow, who in turn holds the funds for you while you deliver your website. When the website is in Escrows control, they release the payment to you and the site to your buyer.

Accepting Payment: Escrow

To get started, youfll have to create a free Escrow account at Youfll be asked to enter in your name, email address, address and a telephone number. Once youfve filled out the required fields, click Continue to complete the process. Youfll receive an automatic email from their system requiring that you click a link to validate your account. Once youfve done that, youfre good to go!

When listing your income hybrid review website on marketplaces like, youfre given the opportunity to accept Escrow as your payment preference. When your listing ends with a successful BIN, youfll need to log into your Escrow account to initiate the transaction. You do this by clicking on gStart A New Transactionh from within your Escrow account. If you are selling a domain name only, you click gDomain Nameh from the service menu, but if youfre selling a complete website, choose Servicesh.

Youfll need to enter in a bit of information in order to initiate your transaction, including a title for your transaction helping you to identify it later on (in the event you set up multiple Escrow transactions). You will need to be in close contact with your buyer as well, as youfll need their email address and full name to start an Escrow transaction.

When it comes to negotiating a sale through Escrow, you are able to choose to pay the entire Escrow fee, shift the costs onto the buyer or split the costs between the both of you If the Buyer is selected, the fees are added to the transaction total. If the Seller is selected, the fees are deducted from the proceeds. The escrow fee is non refundable and is paid by the buyer if the transaction is cancelled or not completed after funds are secured.

What you decide will depend on what your buyer is comfortable with, but youfll want to include this within your actual website listing before sale so that potential buyers are aware of additional Escrow costs. You can also choose the length of inspection period, and the number of phases or deliveries, but this isn’t required and if you are unsure just skip it. The inspection period is the amount of time that your buyer has to evaluate the sale prior to remitting payment. If youfve sold your website on the open market, you want payment quickly, so I would recommend setting this to 1 / 2 calendar days.

The number of phases the income hybrid review Seller can deliver to the Buyer. will release the payment to the Seller for each phase upon acceptance of that phase by the Buyer. The next step one of the most important, as it defines how and when you receive payment. If you are delivering a domain name and a website to your buyer, you want to se this up as two distinct phases, and payment will be released as each stage of the transaction is completed. In our example below, we are selling both a domain name and our information product website, so wefd setup two individual phases that outline the transaction.

In Phase 1, we enter in Domain Transfer, provide additional description if you feel your buyer needs it, and set a unit price based on what each part of the transaction is worth. In Phase 2, we enter in the Website transfer, along with its unit price. We are only required to transfer each item once the milestone has been reached (and payment has been sent to Escrow).
You can also create a single phase for the full value of your website sale, but youfll be required to transfer the income hybrid domain name and all website files before being paid by Escrow.

Here’s a recap of how income hybrid & Escrow works:

1) Buyer and seller agree to terms
2) Buyer pays for the goods
3) Seller ships/transfers merchandise
4) Buyer accepts transfer of goods
5) Escrow releases funds to the seller

Keep in mind that processing time varies depending on payment method. Wire transfers, the most secure requires a few hours to a few days to process. Credit cads are processed after receipt off credit card authorization form, usually within 2 business days. Escrow also provides different service options, including Standard and Premier services. While both services offer protection to both the buyer and seller, premier service simply offers faster processing time.

The costs are dependant on your total income hybrid review unit price, with Premier service only available for transactions with a minimum of $5,0000.00 USD. Once you have set up the transaction, youfre able to choose your preferred payment method, choosing between wire transfer, check payment and Paypal. If you opt to receive payment by wire transfer, expect to pay additional fees however processing time is faster than with check or Paypal payment.

Your buyer will then receive instructions via email on how to proceed with payment. Once youfve received confirmation that the funds are in Escrow, you can send the buyer the domain and website files (based on the phases and milestones youfve set up). When they receive the domain or website content, they are able to review the transaction and release payment.

Congratulations, youfve completed an Escrow transaction! If you ever require assistance from Escrow, you can connect with a live operator, or communicate through email. Make sure to log into your account frequently to review updates, as income hybrid review will post information to your account as each milestone is completed.

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